Tech Solidarity - Actions for techies who want to be useful to local activist organizations

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This list isn't associated officially with the Tech Solidarity group, but has similar goals. If you're looking to put your technical skills to good use, or to acquire technical skills in the service of a good cause, then this list might be for you! This is local to the Boston area.

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Attend an 'Activism 101' Training by Engineering Activism Tue Dec 20 Technology Skill-building 5 None Medium False None Unknown or variable None None
Read 'Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda' Thu Dec 15 General Resource 22 None Medium True None Under an hour None None
Sign the pledge Wed Dec 14 Immigration Data Collection Technology Pledge 14 None Medium False None Ten minutes or less None None
Join the Free Software Foundation Mon Nov 21 Technology Donation 6 None Medium False None Unknown or variable None None