Academics For the Future of Science

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Academics for the Future of Science ( is a non-profit science advocacy organization established by early-career scientists at MIT. We create innovative advocacy tools, research science advocacy and policy issues, and connect scientists to the public, the media, and policy makers. Science is a cornerstone of the US innovation economy. It is the basis for new technologies and medical therapies and creates millions of jobs. Over the last 40 years, US academic science has become increasingly less of a political priority and relatedly, has become more inefficient. Funding is at a 40-year low, there are many more PhD graduates than jobs, PhDs are spending more time in postdoctoral appointments, and we are failing to connect to the public. Time and resources are being wasted fighting for funding, over-training, not integrating well enough with the private sector, and not sharing resources. Science is also increasingly not part of the political dialogue. This climate has motivated us to take action. We realized that scientists need to have a bigger voice, both in policymaking and in interacting with the public. We need to forge new connections between the academic and industrial sectors. And most importantly, we need to create a transparent and open community that allows us to have an ongoing dialogue about the future of US science and innovation. Having clear, simple, and effective advocacy strategies to empower science supporters is key to our mission.

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