Slates are lists of actions put together by users. They are typically selected to suit a particular theme, event, or political outcome.

Name Date Created Created By Status? Friends? # of Actions People Tracking
Actions for People With Social Anxiety Tue Feb 07 shauna True 6 2
Contribute to ActionRising Thu Mar 02 shauna True 2 0
Immigrants' rights in Massachusetts Sun Mar 26 presley True 5 8
Show Up For Racial Justice Tue Dec 20 hurtstotouchfire True 0 2
Net Neutrality Tue Nov 22 gnulinux True 3 1
Support progressive publications Thu Dec 22 shauna True 2 1
Saturday Action at November House Tue Nov 22 shauna True 8 1
Tech Solidarity - Actions for techies who want to be useful to local activist organizations Tue Dec 20 hurtstotouchfire True 4 2