Privacy Policy

Last Updated 5/7/2017

This policy details how data about you is used when you access ActionRising. If we update it, we will revise the date, place notices on the site if changes are material, and/or obtain your consent as required by law.

How Privacy Settings Work on ActionRising

There are three possible privacy settings: public, sitewide, and follows only. The first is visible to anyone on the internet, the second to anyone with an account on the site, and the third only to people you follow. You can pick one of these settings as your global default. Your profile page and any actions or slates you create will have this default privacy setting unless you specifically override it. Because this is a site for sharing information, we recommend you set your default to 'public', but it's up to you.

Some notes about how we implement privacy, for those who want the nitty gritty details:

  • Even if you have everything set to follows-only, other people will be able to see that your username exists. We do it this way so that your friends can find you and two people with protected profiles can follow each other. Contact us if you have a need for a truly secret profile.
  • If you change your default privacy setting, this will change the settings of all past actions, slates, etc that were not overridden.
  • Privacy changes apply to the past in activity feeds. When you give someone access to your profile, by making it less restricted or by following them, their feed will contain your past activity; when you revoke access, your past activity will disappear from their feed.
  • In activity feeds, we err on the side of privacy, so if you can see person A but not action B, you won't see the fact that A started tracking B. In other situations, you may see a username for a person who's profile you're not allowed to see. If a person with a restricted profile creates a public action, anyone can see the action and that they created it. (But see below about anonymous actions!) If a person whose profile you can see follows or is followed by a person whose profile you can't see, you can see their connection.
  • You can also choose to make an action "anonymous". This prevents the action from naming you as the creator or linking back to your profile, but it is not 'truly' anonymous. You'll still be able to edit your anonymous action and see it in your lists of created actions.

Protecting your privacy

You can control access to most of your data, including but not limited to actions and slates you create, the actions and slates you take, and your personal account settings and profile. If you choose to make this information public, your privacy will not be protected. Additionally, semi-restricted settings like 'sitewide' and 'friends only' rely on the discretion of other members of the site. Please do not assume complete privacy protection for anything you do on the site, with the following exceptions:

  • The email you used to sign up with ActionRising should never be exposed to anyone but you.
  • If you set a location on your profile but select 'keep this hidden', no one should ever see your location but you.
  • If you create an action and set the creator to 'anonymous', no one should know that you created the action but you.

Although we cannot assure privacy for your activity on the site, we promise to do our best to protect it from hackers, government representatives, and malicious community members. If you think a fellow site member is acting in bad faith, please contact us.

How we use your data

User-created data such as actions, slates, comments, etc may be used by other members of the site for a variety of purposes. For instance, other members may copy your action outside the site in order to promote it. By using the site, you recognize that neither you nor ActionRising can fully control what happens to this class of data.

ActionRising site administrators may use member data to analyze site activity and improve user experience. Any public reports of this analysis will keep your identity private unless we receive explicit permission from you.

Your email addresses will be used to contact you about site activity, new features, and more. However, we will never give or sell your address to a third party.

We do not currently store any ISP or session data, and have no plans to ever start doing so. If this policy changes, we will proactively notify all members of the site.

Removing your data

Currently, there is no automated way to remove your data from the site. To promote consistency, we strongly encourage anonymizing data rather than deleting it. Please contact us if you would like your information anonymized, or if you need to remove your data for safety reasons.

Connecting to Offsite Accounts

ActionRising now offers the ability to register through Facebook and Google, and to connect your account to Facebook, Google, and Twitter, through the OAUTH protocol. By using this protocol, we can authenticate your accounts without ever seeing or storing your passwords for those sites.

We use these accounts only for authentication purposes. If at any point in the future we choose to offer further integration, such as posting on your behalf, you will be explicitly asked to authorize said integration.