Raise awareness of voter suppression in GA-06

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Voter suppression is a time-honored Republican tactic, and it's happening right now in the GA-06 special election.  A Federal judge recently ordered Georgia to re-open voter registration ahead of the special election, a decision that Republican candidate Karen Handel says "should boil your blood".  Handel has a history of voter suppression:

From The Nation:

As Georgia secretary of state from 2006 to 2009, Karen Handel had a long record of making it harder to vote, supporting Georgia’s strict voter-ID law, trying to purge thousands of eligible voters from the rolls before the 2008 election, and repeatedly challenging the residency of qualified Democratic candidates. Handel has bragged about these issues, saying in a TV ad: “As secretary of state, I fought President Obama to implement photo ID and won,” even though Georgia’s voter-ID law was passed in 2005 and took effect in 2007, well before President Obama assumed office.

Progressives need to find a way to push back against this disgraceful behavior.  To take action on this issue, raise the topic of voter suppression in GA-06 with at least three different friends, colleagues, or strangers, through social media or in person.  Try to find out why this people don't see this as an issue: are they uninformed? Are we framing things wrong?

Please comment with any insights you glean from discussions, and/or any creative ideas about raising awareness!

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