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There were two major drug lab scandals in MA resulting in people being convicted of drug crimes based on tainted evidence. It's a good time to fight the war on drugs by demanding the dismissal of these cases. The following is copied from an email sent out by Families for Justice as Healing (which you can follow on Facebook):

Please call Attorney General Healey and encourage her to take a stand for justice and be more progressive on drug policy. Call 617-727-2200 and say “Constituent Services” (there is no direct way to call this department)


Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a Massachusetts resident. I’m concerned about the over 40,000 people convicted by tainted evidence because of the drug lab scandals. I want your office to take swift action to right this wrong, by doing whatever you can to dismiss all of these tainted convictions and by supporting reparations for people wrongfully convicted. It’s a grave injustice and I expect you to help right it.

I also urge you to support reforms in the upcoming legislative session to end mandatory minimum drug sentencing (Bill SD 500).

Finally, I urge you to stop prosecuting drug offenses. Prosecuting drug users and sellers does not protect our communities. We need to invest in housing, drug treatment, and jobs—not more prisons, jails, or police. We cannot do both. 

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